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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


No, this isn't another of my "pause and reflect" posts. I'm actually thinking today about the other meaning of the word: [ri-flect] (1) to cast back (heat, light, sound) from a surface -- as a mirror reflects light into the room (2) to give back or show an image of as a mirror (3) to reproduce or show, as followers reflect beliefs of a leader...

That's probably enough examples to let you catch my meaning. I've been reading Carol Howard Merritt's "Reframing Hope" again. (Highly recommend this great book!) She comments that most of our congregations tend to reflect society around us. We tend to ask the same questions, be concerned about the same issues, as our neighbours.

Certainly I see examples of this as we meet with congregations and their leaders. The questions we're asking are about our needs, those things we look for to make us comfortable, help us feel connected to this community of friends, brothers and sisters. What facility will most appeal; what worship style will most resonate?

As I listen to all those "targeted" political ads in this election time that promise to leave more cash in my pocket, take care of me in my old age, help me avoid paying those nasty taxes, I'm feeling a certain message being reflected at me. And it's a message that the folks delivering it must be quite confident about because I hear it over and over again.

Yet, my reading in Merritt's book suggests that our congregations ought to be doing something other than merely reflecting the society around us. In fact this is the message that came from President Veazey's address too. It isn't our job to merely reflect what we see around us. Our job is to reflect the love and mission of our leader Jesus.

When I'm hearing someone ask for something to make their pew experience more comfortable, or I hear a politician suggesting I keep all my hard-earned cash and let the ne'er do wells assume the consequences of their life-style choices, I am called to reflect something different:

Radical hospitality--Extravagant generosity--Extreme compassion!

What will THAT look like?

President Veazey didn't demand we get it all right immediately. He suggested we pick something and start there. And Carol Howard Merritt acknowledges it isn't easy. Society's pull is pretty strong. But so is the call to mission. What will we choose to reflect?

Posted by Marion

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  1. Good thought ------Society's pull is strong. But so is the call to Mission. What will we choose to reflect?


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