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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Is that a word? It must be. I’m seeing the greening everywhere I look. Do you see it creeping across the world?

I recall reading once that spring advances northward at a rate of about fifteen miles a day. Any time I’ve had the chance to drive south at this time of year, maybe going to World Conference in early April, I’ve enjoyed noticing the change seeing spring appear as I’ve processed down Highway 69. By the time we’d get to Independence the redbuds and pear trees would be in full bloom, while back home it was still gray and brown. We’d see it coming back north where we would wait patiently for spring to come to us. And come it would, surely and reliably unfolding itself over the miles. Fifteen of them every day.

But this year I’m not traveling. I’m just waiting here for it to arrive. And here it comes.

Out over my back garden I see the (still very wet!) grass just getting greener and greener. Hostas, daylilies, violets, even parsley are greening up more and more, minute by minute. Robins are enjoying the great worm feast there for the taking, while the cardinals and finches are whistling their joy. And beyond I see the greening haze appearing on the willows over there in the bird sanctuary. Every day the red maple buds get brighter and clearer.

On my drives around the nearby countryside this Easter weekend I’ve seen it approaching. Pastures and fields that just last weekend were mostly brown are noticeably greening, right before my eyes. Weather forecasts for the week ahead are for “rain, rain, rain and rain.” Never mind. With the rain will come the green.

Let us not get so busy that we fail to notice this wonderful and amazing time of year. It’s the greening! A season full of promise for what will follow.

Happy Easter. Happy Spring.
Look outside there. It’s greening.
Nothing can stop it.

Posted by Marion

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