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The spot for the good news, the good word, the quick reports of the many, many wonderful news items I hear all the time and want to share with the rest of you. Expect to find the good news when you come to check out "what’s the good word?"

Friday, July 24, 2015

Missional Recruiting Increases Capacity

How many times do we all ponder an idea? Often! As we read, listen, discuss, watch others, run into circumstances that require some change; ideas emerge. Usually we are just connecting the dots from each of these interactive inputs of others into our lives and we visualize how to tweak these multiple inputs in a different way. Many of us formulate these ideas but are unable to actualize and execute their possibilities for many reasons. It might be that you just forget to write it down. Seriously, in the mix of a busy day ideas escape never to be recalled. Time is of the essence right? The idea sits there and someday another person suggests it and you think, wow that is what I came up with a long time ago. Perhaps the logistics of “how” are a quandary for you? Another hurdle is to attempt a solo effort. You see the idea in your mind but don’t have the capacity to make it happen.

Capacity is an incredibly powerful “non-fixed” resource we all possess. It can lie dormant within us or expand beyond our wildest dreams. The nature of our calling as disciples is to magnify our divinely blessed capacity within ourselves and others. Ideas inspire and create the capacity for more capacity. Our individual development of an idea may generate hope and empowerment within ourselves, but just expressing that idea to another unwraps the possibility of the thought and magnifies its potency. Your capacity just expanded. You also released capacity within the other person. Together there is a further capacity being unleashed. Capacity has a viral component that exponentially magnifies and makes possible unenvisioned and unexpected blessings.

Recruiting is inviting another into the dream, for them to view possibilities through your eyes and the passion of your heart as you share the dynamics of the potential outcome. Recruiting is also about listening. That may result in adjusting the whole or tweaking a detail to enhance and include yet one more participant. Once the other hears your version of possibility….. for them to be truly invested in the vision, for their capacity to be ignited, they need to experience their own personal version of the dream. Dialogue builds dreams. Then your “me” merges with their “me” into our “we” and our capacity is stimulated to new heights of possibility. 

From a missional perspective; recruiting and inviting others empowers every idea just because it is shared. Our combined prophetic imaginations create new potential capacity. We need to share these ideas that then become the fuel, the fusion for increased missional capacity that has no bounds. Right now, as Community of Christ, as we listen both within and without and interact with life; needed ideas will emerge of how we can be the church in new relevant expressions that become the catalysts of widening capacity. You might be the one that enlightens us all. This domino effect starts with you. Bless you for being “unique” you and offering your contributions to the whole. The spirit is with you! Capacity will surely astound you as others along with you bring to fruition a dream that draws “in” others and sends “out” magnified capacity. By the way, a kindred spirit also is fostered through this means of missional recruiting. How blessed is that. 

Submitted by Kerry

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Revitalization - The Measurables

On our CEM website on the home page is a link to a page that has a posting for 4 new full-time Mission positions to start in Oct. There is also a description of the "Revitalization" program we are launching into congregations. It is exciting and will be challenging for you as it puts our faith individually and collectively to a test. Outcomes and Results will be measured.

The measurables are quite simple yet as simplistic as the equation is, it will only be by transformation that we can reach our goal. There is a growth chart across Canada over 5 years but this is the model:

The envisioned growth is 2 new invitee/participants per month collectively within any of the program activities that a congregation creates or currently offers.

The blessing is in the continuing invitation month after month and that all within the congregation catch the vision and participate in the momentum. For each congregation the Revitalization Minister (RM) is inserted within, there is a 60 day period of “attunement” where there is no expectation of intentional invitation. From that time forward as the congregation creates relevant new expressions to meet people where they are…..2 new invites / mo collectively is the goal. In the first year, the cumulative growth would be 10 months x 2 /mo is 20 new invitees participating collectively in various programs offered by the congregation.

The program will continue to be guided by the CSM (Congregational Support Minister) as the RM moves on to another congregation. So there will be growth of 2 / mo x 12 = 24 the 2nd yr and so on. It is anticipated that living in the midst of mission, with each one being a 2x2 companion to another; experiencing the reality that any activity can be transformed to be a sacred moment of grace and meaningful relational fellowship; will foster momentum. So yes, the #’s can be extrapolated based upon the power of 2 / mo over a period of 5 years. The reality is being mindful that amongst all the participants within a congregation, the model is 2 invites /mo.

Having faith and recognition that everyday activities people are being invited to or which are being created around them to match their passion; are transformed into appealing, meaningful, new expressions of fellowship that become “invitable” is key. Momentum will grow out of this experience of everyday missional fellowship. It is like everyday bread and wine being transformed into  sacrament. We will mentor you to transition the common into meaningful.

So measurables start with our existing baseline of congregational members and participants. We each need to be missionally transformed for this to happen. You will be introduced to 2x2 companioning which will be the means of enablement to keep us fulfilling our covenant to and with one another and with God. Solo efforts will always fail us. The “tipping point” of behavioural change will emerge from 2x2 companion commitment to be spiritually formed and to live that which we envision and commit to. Daily affirmations and check-ins with one another will enable fulfillment. Out of that model, amongst all the 2x2 companions, within a willing congregation, missional momentum of 2 invites / mo. will happen and continue.

That is the vision of our Canadian Congregational Revitalization model we hope to integrate within each one of you.    

submitted by Kerry