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The spot for the good news, the good word, the quick reports of the many, many wonderful news items I hear all the time and want to share with the rest of you. Expect to find the good news when you come to check out "what’s the good word?"

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hallowed Be Thy Name

As I move into the new role as Mission Centre president (facilitator) I am humbled to have the opportunity to engage in ministry with each disciple, minister and friend of the church across our Mission Centre. Our collective fellowship from young to mature in our breadth of diversity, giftedness and creativity is a blessing in our midst greater than we each comprehend. The synergies of whose we are, in our common identity, within and as Community of Christ; is a calling of transformation. My calling is to help you to feel inspired with being who you are, in being Community of Christ, which some of us may take for granted. My question for each of you when we meet will be, “How can I help you be Community of Christ"? ….. to draw out of you the compelling reason you are Community of Christ.


I invite you to be sacred community daily in mindful and intentional ways.  Be that people of the Mission Prayer to draw our circle wider.

God, where will your Spirit lead today?
Help me be fully awake and ready to respond.
Grant me courage to risk something new
And become a blessing of your love and peace.

Envision yourself wearing a shirt with “Community of Christ” embroidered upon it plainly visible to all. Live that identity, be that identity, express your identity. Know your “10 seconds of courage” creative response to who you are in the context of who you are talking to and say……

My Community of Christ is…..

“people living peacefully with others who are different”
“a community gathering of friends who share meaningful conversations”
“people, being kind when we sense someone has a need”
“people, making moments better when someone needs to talk”.
“people, linked together to create community wherever we go.”

“Is there some way I can make community real for you?”

You likely know I am always on the search for ideas, your ideas, linking them with other’s ideas and building our vision of the outcome that is ours together. Please take this invitation to openly share your thoughts of possibilities as an expectation. Your one seemingly to you, tiny idea, may be the key that unlocks a whole vista of possibility.

This fall CEM will initiate with you individually and your congregation, personal and collective commitments to participate in “Revitalization”. The pronouncement launch will occur at our Mission Centre conference. Our personal consecration “pilgrimage” that will empower us to change our lives and be revitalized will happen the following weekend at Kirtland Temple with President Steve Veazey during our “Spiritual Venture” together. We have 2 busloads of expectant folks registered to become transformed. I am so delighted by your response.

If we are to effect revitalization which I am presuming we want? ….as the writing is on the wall if we do not……. we need to work together, create safe places for dialogue, listen and affirm each other. One of the structural implementations we will introduce at the CEM Conference is a Mission Centre Council which some other MC’s already have. I would be interested in your ideas as to the skillsets and demographics of possibly elected participants as well as the types of roles these individuals might have within the CEM structure. Overall, let’s make this a participatory governance model within our common consent culture.

Look for the inaugural Mission Centre newsletter in Sept in both on-line and hardcopy formats (where required) to draw us into closer recognition of our MC community and to keep before us the Mission we are collectively engaged in.

Our Mission Centre staff of Dar, Tim, Melissa, Emily and Brian are dedicated to their respective roles of ministry and function. Let us have faith in our present and our future as we recognize and know deeply within ourselves what it means to be Community of Christ. Lord, “Hallowed be thy Name” as we live community.

submitted by Kerry Richards