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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


People I know are making lists! Not just practical little "to do" lists. Or shopping lists or "things to bring" lists! Not even "bucket lists"!

No, I think you'd have to call them something like Mission Lists. They appear to have been inspired by President Veazey's address to the church. (You can listen to it now, if you missed it: here's the link.

One of the Fired Up! leaders confessed that she really didn't listen to the whole thing but was busily creating a list around a great idea she had about going with our group to a mall and talking to people about their ideas of what kinds of spirituality they see around them, what the real needs of this community are and how we together might start tending to those needs. Stay tuned for more information to come.

Two people have been in my office today, each with their current list in hand. One of those lists was written directly on the back of the pie chart showing the present break-down of funding for the five mission initiatives. You can probably find them listed most easily in the new Power of 10 website. He was listing some of the steps he wants to start on right away(!) for the one that resonated for him.

And the second person had her congregation in mind. Her list was about helping her own congregation be more inviting, getting more serious about reaching into the local community and finding out what would help reduce suffering right there!

I apologize for all these exclamation marks. Good writers really don't use them quite so liberally. But I'm sure President Veazey would be happy to know that people heard what he had to say and the immediately began to make Mission Lists in response.

How about you? Have you started your list yet?

Posted by Marion

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Carmen & Marion for your blogs. this helps to inspire me, and to move on "How can we be more mission oriented"
    I'm going to have some people in for a meal and we are going to discuss what we can do in our congregation to make this happen.
    This is on my Mission List.


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