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Monday, April 18, 2011


From the time she was a little bitty girl my granddaughter loved the movie "Jesus Christ Superstar." She knew many of the songs without really knowing (we didn't think) what they were saying. She loved the beats and the rhythms. She loved the dance routines. She would lie on her mom and dad's bed and watch that video over and over. You'd be sure she must be asleep and yet she'd beg to "Play it again!"

As I write this on Palm Sunday we're entering into Holy Week--that most puzzling of times and yet the central series of events in the Christian calendar. So many things happening at the same time.

Today we celebrated the victorious entry of Superstar Jesus into Jerusalem. But oh, the paradoxes we need to pay attention to. One writer puts it this way: if the passion is not at least a distant drumbeat then Palm Sunday is just a happy little parade.

And, of course, it isn't just a happy parade. Jesus comes riding on a donkey as a reminder that this Jesus is, by this very act, speaking truth to power, calling into question the unjust and oppressive systems that bring out the cries of "Hosanna!"

I suspect most of us think of that word as just some ancient form of "Hurray!" but in fact, it means "Save us!" Another friend suggests that too many of us are looking for a saviour that will let us keep all our stuff. Do I really understand the meaning of sacrifice?

As we enter Holy Week, will you be observing other events? Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday's vigil? Much like a roller coaster of ups and downs the week races toward the next celebration of resurrection on Easter Sunday morning.

I wonder if I am like Maly, enjoying the music, trying to manage my focus on so many things at once, the parade of palms and the distant drumbeat of passion, cross and resurrection, fear and rejoicing. Play it again please, I need to figure out who is this Jesus? What kind of Superstar?

Not many answers today, but some important questions I think. What do you think?

Posted by Marion

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