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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Here we are a couple of weeks into the New Year and still talking about our resolutions. It does seem to be a topic the media have a hard time to put down. Radio, tv, newspapers, even facebook continues to offer me ads about fixing my unsuitable tummy. Now I'm not opposed to folks trying to live healthy or improve their habits, be more fit, eat organic...whatever.

My problem is just how much everyone seems to be so focused on their flaws! I mean, really, what happened to our enduring values about the worth of all persons (and that includes ourselves, by the way), our belief that we're all called according to our gifts? And to me that really, seriously implies that we all have gifts.

Yesterday Carman was celebrating a bright new beginning; and Matthew reminded us that we're all at the beginning of something. He's right you know. Our challenge is to see that for ourselves, to imagine ourselves into that new future. There are people ready to help us find a direction and start to plan strategies to get it.

But as long as we're focusing on who we're not or how we're flawed in some way, we're going to have a much harder time imagining that very fine future.

I know I've talked about this with you before. Do you remember this? Whether it's a personal thing or a congregational thing we'll spend lots less time and effort achieving our vision for a bright future if we focus on our gifts and our worth rather than focusing on our flaws. May I count on you?

Posted by Marion


  1. Is there really someone to help us find a direction and plan strategies to get there. I am starting to panic. Shirley

  2. Absolutely!
    I'm presuming you've already read the links I provided, so here's one more:

    You prove my point in your comment. As long as you're focusing on your flaws you get panicky.
    Try focusing on your gifts and see what happens. Meantime, give your Mission Advocate a call.

  3. Hi Marion and fellow bloggers;

    I agree whole hearted with your overview. Each year I struggle with New Year's resolutions and find myself becoming despondent when I think of my flaws. We all have regrets and unfortunately failures and if we focus on them we will never accomplish what we are called and gifted to do. God choses those ordinary people (with flaws) like you and I to do His great works.

    My resolution is to look forward and to carry with me a keen thought of the difference we can make in the future in those areas we have lived in the past and are struggling with in the present.

    God bless all who feel they are focused on a better way and want to make their way to that solution making sure they bring with them all that they come in contact with on their road to Shalom.

    Happy New Year to all and may we all create communities of Peace, Hope, Love and Joy with Our Lord and Saviour truly our focus.


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