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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I recall from a previous life referring very often to the line “People who succeed are people who pay attention to process!” Now I have no recollection of just who said that, so I can’t attribute my quote.

But I can say that I still believe it and think it’s a pretty good principle to live by. I’ve just come from a conversation with a pair of colleagues wherein we devised a couple of potential processes that might take a group of people, who wish to succeed, to a decision point. I’m hopeful that either of the options we’ll suggest will take them to the point they want to reach.

The process alone won’t do it. But the commitment is already there; the motivation is clear. There are folks on all sides of the question and champions ready to sell their solutions. There is passion about the need to make a decision and move forward. There may even be some frustration with a lack of a clear decision and direction to go. (Perhaps you might find something here to help if you’re someone feeling frustrated Frustration is not always a bad thing!)

But there is a certain lack of progress in this situation that we’re all hoping will be assisted by a process everyone can understand and enlist in. If you find yourself stuck and unable to move forward, not really knowing what to do next, unable to persuade people to make a decision or move off an unproductive position, perhaps it’s time to take your eye off the choices. Maybe you should stop listening to the loudest voices and give some attention to your process. Give some energy to some good solid action steps, expected outcomes, target dates, position advocates and completion times.

You may have heard of the “What Matters Most Workshop” that has been developed by our Merrie Bande. If you’ve forgotten, you can read about it here or here. It’s all about process!

As we set sail on the good ship CEM into the sea of 2011 let us not forget to bring along our process, otherwise we’ll find ourselves adrift. And that would never do, we’ve got places to go, goals to accomplish. Desire and commitment and motivation alone will not do it.

Pay attention to your process, people!

Posted by Marion


  1. Apparently the page from the What Matters Most Workshop does not exist. So my computer tells me.

  2. Thanks for noting this. I'll see if I can fix that link.


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