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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I stand in line at Starbucks.

A series of monogrammed coffee mugs catches my eye.

Each bears only one word, like Joy, Hope, Love, and Peace, but not Joy, Hope, Love or Peace.


Hmmm... Where does my Passion lie?

Passion for Christ?
Passion for this community?
Passion for a relationship with God?
Passion for Peace, Reconciliation, and Healing of the Spirit?
Passion for my larger community?
Passion for people?
Passion for…


Where does my passion lie?

Where does yours?

Posted by Carman


  1. My passion has always been for this church = its history, its future, its mission, its potential, its people - at every level. What more can I say?

  2. Thank you Anonymous,

    I'm glad you feel that way, and would be interested to know why you do.

    For my part, sometimes I find my passion gets buried under layers of responsibility and other stressors. When I realize this has happened, I have to dig down and find it, brush it off and remember why I am on this journey.

    The faith journey is an amazing one, but only if lived with passion. To do it out of obligation is not nearly as much fun.

  3. My passion is to serve others. I might've said help, but that implies other people are needy which is not always the case. I'd like to save the world, but I'll settle for saving one other person. My passion is to serve others because God calls me to trust his strength by following Jesus and serving the people.
    GB, Matt

  4. I ask myself that question...where is my passion? I think it's equality for all people, my family, the work of the church [but I wonder if that is alwavs visible?], creating worship displays and I have to add line dancing.
    [I wouldn't be annonymous if I knew what URL is!The computer is not one of my passions.]

  5. Carole,
    you don't need to fill in a URL. Just enter your name, go down the bottom and publish. If no URL is entered the computer will know to just put your name up top. Computers are sooooo smart :-)
    Anyway, thanks for hanging in with us and with your passions!


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