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Friday, January 21, 2011


This morning I impulsively registered for a writing class. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been a formal participant in one of these classes, although I’ve been at least casually connected with my local writing teacher and writing friends for seven or eight years now. One would think I’d have lots more to show for it than I do; no books written yet, despite all the best intentions. (Maybe when I retire!)

Mostly I ventured into writing class to connect with a group of compatible folks who are not part of church and work. While I quite love you all (church and work friends) I felt a need for something outside the spheres where I spend so much of my time.

The first class I registered for was also something of an impulse. I saw an ad for a small group class on “Writing from your life.” Since I had plenty of “life” I expected I would at least have the necessary raw material. The price was right and the time commitment reasonable so I signed up.

It has been a great journey. Melinda, our instructor, is a trained psychologist who practises some wonderful, gentle therapy in this town. And to give herself a change of pace, she teaches writing classes. Groups vary from season to season but generally it’s the same dozen or fifteen people who keep coming back in various combinations of five or six at a time. I’ve been introduced to a number of genres, many of which I would never have tried but for these classes. Certainly I would never have written my “prize-winning” poem without their encouragement. Who knew?!

We do encourage each other’s efforts. Lots of positive feedback and the occasional suggestion have sent many of us into uncharted territory that has turned out to be just what we needed at a particular point in our life journeys.

I’d encourage anyone who wants to take a break from work and life, or who would like to meet some different folks from the ones you see every day, or to discover something about yourself you didn’t know before, to have a look at the classes being offered in your town. What’s going on at the library or the local school? Check out the bulletin boards in your grocery store or the health food store or the local craft outlet or the farmers’ market. I guarantee you’ll see someone is offering a class or a group and for not very much money, you can open whole new worlds.

What have you always thought you’d like to do but haven’t had a chance yet? Or have been too busy to take the time for? Or needed someone to impose the discipline to stick with it?

I’ll keep you posted on my writing classes that start on February 24. Let us know what you register for; I’m interested.

Posted by Marion


  1. Joan and I have finally regisered for a sign language class. I thought it could wait until I retired, but alas, not a chance.


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