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Thursday, January 28, 2010


How’s your imagination? Can you picture something that isn’t? or at least that isn’t yet?

Much of the conversation that’s going on in various places is really asking us to do that. We keep getting asked to discern or to vision a new future. Have you heard something like that before?

Our Merrie Bande of Bishops is working hard to come up with a strategy for accomplishing the 2020 Vision Goals that we as a mission and YOU as congregation members are going to work on for the coming decade. One of the things they’ve noticed in their travels is the struggle some folks are having to figure out what it is they’re called to be and to do. It’s hard work finding just the right balance between “what we’ve always done” and “where we’re called to go” in some unknown future.

It calls for imagination! You might want to look around your congregation for the creative, imaginative types who can help with this task.

Remember that saying “honour our past while creating our future”? Turns out we’ve got lots of skill and practice with the “honour your past” part of that and not so much with the “create your future” bit. I’m thinking it’s something we’ll be working on along with the many things we’re working on as we forge into our discernment, dialogue, vision/mission, planning, strategy sessions.

Fear not! Make ready to be surprised! Expect to work hard. This might just be the place the generations meet. ( Check out this for an interesting discussion of our diverse generations.)

Locate your most energetic and creative generation X and Y and let the Baby Boomers provide the backup song. Now, all together, let’s sing a chorus of “Imagine!” That should help.


  1. Your check out this link does not work up here in the Nation's capital. Does it work down south? - Barb

  2. Sorry about that folks. Please try again. I think I found the "bug"


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