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Friday, January 15, 2010


Yesterday, Carman posed the question: is it reasonable to imagine we can do this?

This” has taken on whole new proportions as we watch the story of Haiti unfolding before us through various news media and social networks. And yet, individuals are stepping up in just so many ways to tackle this impossibly enormous challenge. All day yesterday we’ve been answering queries from individuals and congregations, about how to help.

Is this a “peace & justice” issue? Will what we contribute or not make one iota of difference to the number of bums in pews this Sunday, or next? Or ever? Many of those who do gather will offer special, heart-felt prayers for the suffering we’re all enduring together. Many will gather special, even sacrificial offerings to send to help the relief effort. Some will search out theological explanations for such catastrophes. And someday, some of us will look again at what we can really, really do to make our world more peaceful, more just!

As Neil Cole put it in his book Organic Church, "It is not enough to fill our churches; we must transform our world."

That’s it. That’s our fifth and final 2020 Vision Goal for the decade: Engage in effective peace ministries.

May God bless you in your efforts.

(Posted by Marion)

1 comment:

  1. it seems to take incidents such as the massive need such as we see in haiti to really address the call to work together as a people and nations. it was said on the news today, that canada lifted it's requirement for visas, so that a airplane from china could refuel in vancouver, and another from russia refulled at st.johns, and cuba after how many years, lifted their embargo on US flights, flying over cuban airspace. may we learn to work like this at ALL times


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