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The spot for the good news, the good word, the quick reports of the many, many wonderful news items I hear all the time and want to share with the rest of you. Expect to find the good news when you come to check out "what’s the good word?"

Thursday, January 21, 2010


It probably won’t surprise many of you that I have several stacks of books on my desk, beside my armchair, on the filing cabinet…a few are even on the bookshelf! Yesterday I received a box with four more brand new ones, samples from a great publisher who sends me these freebies from time to time.

My problem is that several of these books are sitting there waiting to be read. The titles call to me; they promise great content. And I’ll be passing along recommendations as soon as I have dipped into them and have a good idea who else should be reading them with me.

Some of the titles I love: Know Your Story and Lead With It, Beyond Maintenance to Mission, The Answer to How is Yes, The Wisdom of the Seasons, a New Climate for Theology, Finding (Living, Teaching) Our Story. That last one is a three-volume series!

Most of these books are skinny little volumes that really shouldn’t take too long. In fact not one in that list is longer than 200 pages! And the authors are folks I already know and trust like Sally McFague and Peter Block.

I’d be so happy if someone out there would volunteer to read one or more off this stack of mine and help with the task of referring others. Who are the readers? Please identify yourselves to me.

I have been known to whine a little that people don’t read any more. Maybe that’s true. But if you’re willing to give me a hand with these stacks of mine, I’d gladly share. Or if you’re looking for something in particular, by all means let me know.

(I have several stacks that I have read, and I’d gladly share them too.)

Posted by Marion


  1. Just to let you know I found one volunteer!

    Thanks Shirley :-)

  2. I too will volunteer, and I'll let you pick the book, I'll write the critique when I'm finished and return the boook.

  3. Hooray folks, we're on a roll.
    I've got just the thing for you Mel.

  4. Marion, I'll read one.

  5. Marion, I just finished reading two new novels from our library: John the Baptizer (I forget the author) and Girl Mary by Petru Popescu. Very imaginative fiction but well researched. I enjoyed both and learned a lot of history but the theology is questionable. especially in Mary. I have before me to read Descartes' Bonea: A Skeletal History fo the Conflict Between Faith and Reason bu Russell Shorto Also Eternal Life: A New Vision by Spong. Maybe I should stay away from the library for awhile.

  6. hey Marion!

    i can certainly identify though for me, i can't imagine a day going by without reading! i spend at the very least an hour each day with my nose in some book. and i know you do too!

    i don't always understand those who "collect" books without reading them. i realize there is great wisdom locked inside those little gems just waiting to plant seeds in fertile minds if we only crack the cover!

    if you ask tara, i have far too many books but i had read each and every book i have (well, with the exception of a new one i just picked up buy i am waiting to finish the bok i am now reading so i can get to that one)... some of these old friends i have even read more than once...

    books in stacks or even on shelves are kind of like people... its when we open them up and get to know them that we find out what they are all about and end up growing in the process...

    God bless!


  7. btw, i see that my friend the chicken is now a follower of the blog!

    i would like to read some of his comments. he is a very smart bird!


  8. As an avid reader (having already read 4 books this year). I am currently reading a few books....."Evangelism Outside The Box New Ways to Help People Experience the Good News" by Rick Richardson, as well I am reading "Life Lessons" 'from Auto Racing' NASCAR, I think is one of the only sports, that always has prayer as a part of their opening ceremonies.

    I plan on passing on my stack of books to the church library. My one time dream was to open run a library of Christian books so they could be shared, instead of sitting in a stack of read books, one wouldn't want to see how many books I have stacked in four floor to ceiling bookcases

  9. Wouldn't it be great if our congregations' libraries were active and busy and updated and sharing current books for those "avid readers" among us.

    Thanks for sharing your Comment. Thanks for sharing your books!


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