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Friday, August 27, 2010


You've heard it. You've probably said it; I know I have. "I wish I were better at..."

You name it. We wish we were better golfers, writers, time managers, bookkeepers, housekeepers, better with children, better at making new friends. Being involved in some planning sessions, identifying visions, missions, setting goals and objectives, we're all wishing we had some better church planters, outreach specialists, creative worship planners, visionaries, transformation specialists, and on and on.

Today I found this list that really contains nothing much new , despite the fact it comes out of Harvard! It's pretty simple; if you truly want to get better at something, you can do it. Any human being can, in fact, develop any given skill or capacity in the same systematic way you do a muscle, by "pushing past your comfort zone, and then rest." We tend to fall back on the old assumption that some of us are just naturally gifted with certain talents and abilities. But this author Tony Schwartz says that's really just a cop-out. It's that we don't work hard enough at it.

His advice does speak about a need for passion and prioritizing and focusing. And if those are problems for you, you can fix that too.

It's that time when we're starting to think about going back--to school, to church. Is there some area you've been wishing for better? Look into this concept and see how it works for you.

Here it is again: Six Keys to Being Excellent at Anything, from the Harvard Business Review

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