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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I was recently a bystander to a conversation about hand washing. It began with one of the parties commenting upon a sign in a restaurant reminding employees to wash hands before returning to work. Of course, the conversation took a couple of predictable turns around the idea of a need to enforce those rules and whose job it is anyway, and just how very poor many people are (at least the folks these conversationalists observe personally) at washing their hands.

Then the whole thing took an interesting sideways turn, from washing hands before eating, to offering thanks at meals! Do you know that people who say grace, or who pause to give thanks in some way before eating actually have better digestion than those who don't?

Are you more likely to wash your hands or to say a prayer before eating? A little informal survey indicated it was about fifty/fifty. But all agreed that a pause to feel thankful is as important as washing hands.

We often write about a need to slow down, to pace ourselves, to take time to be appreciative. And yet, we also realize that more often than not, we're too rushed, too busy, too preoccupied. Perhaps we need to put up a mental sign that reminds us to wash hands, take time to be grateful, slow down.

You may recall as I do, during one of our regular pandemic scares, being told to be sure to wash hands often and thoroughly. Sing "Happy Birthday" to yourself to ensure you've washed long enough. That's what they teach you in kindergarten. Instead of that, let's all begin to move to a state of prayerful gratitude "for what we are about to receive." Whether or not you speak an audible grace before meals, you can think thoughts of blessing while you wash your hands.


  1. i am more likely to pray. isn't that awful? Maybe not!!

  2. Good choice I'd say--if you must pick one ;-)


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