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Monday, November 29, 2010


It is upon us! 'Tis the season!

By any number of markers, it has indeed arrived. The first was probably the commercials on tv, quickly followed by the heavier and heavier piles of paper being delivered to our doorstep. Somewhere in there might be a few pages of news, but mostly it's ads for every potential gift imaginable--and some not so imaginable. (Who gives a furnace filter or bulk meat to show seasonal regard?) Conversation these days is typically some version of "Can you believe they're advertising so early? Does it get earlier every year?"

And of course it doesn't. We're right on schedule. Thoughts of gift giving, office parties, play rehearsals, choir practices, menu planning, tree buying, decorating, shopping, baking, holiday letter writing line up on our "To Do" lists. Festive songs get loaded into cd players, play lists, whatever. Santa lists are being compiled. School parties or seasonal concerts fill up calendar slots. How many things must be done and how can priorities be juggled to fit everything in? How many lists are you working on?

Some of us are trying to find extra time to plan critical parts of important Advent worship--reading, praying, preaching, drama, song. Our challenge may be to find something new to say about something very, very old. How to cast the old, old story in a way that's fresh or different? Or are you the one who loves everything exactly the same old way?

What are your thoughts as we enter this season? Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent. Four opportunities to slow down for some moments of rest on the race to the finish line. To remember those simple but very profound words that shape our mission, and for just now, that shape our season. Peace, hope, joy, love!

I'm going to try to let those words shape my season. It's too easy to get swept up in the frenzy and to forget what matters most. How are you doing? What are the elements of the season that give you peace, hope, joy and love? Are they the old ones or have you found something new to be excited about?

How do you plan to deal with the challenges of the season? Any tips to share?
Let me wish you all the best of the Season!

Posted by Marion

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