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Monday, November 1, 2010


My favourite morning radio program today (Friday) was entirely focused around a citizenship ceremony being held in the largest and most diverse elementary school in Toronto. Native languages spoken in this single school number 54! And the whole program was made up of interviews from various people, young and old, long-time or about-to-become citizens of Canada. They spoke of their pride to be citizens, of their struggles to come to this country as well as the struggles they still face to have qualifications accepted, to gain Canadian experience, to find work and truly contribute as citizens.

Many of us have come through a time of municipal elections. Indeed Carman has been recounting his experiences around his obligation as a citizen to vote here. Sometimes it's difficult getting the information we need to exercise this right responsibly. We might complain about the choices we're offered, or not. We do complain about the costs of citizenship. Surely there is not one of us who can say we've never had a negative thought or made a nasty comment about the taxes we must pay.

But citizenship is one of those things--like discipleship--where there are clearly two sides: the rights and the responsibilities. I recall hearing Andrew Bolton preaching once. He was (and still is, though now he's also an apostle) the champion for Peace & Justice for World Church. His assertion was that being a Disciple of Jesus as our first responsibility made us an even better citizen of our country, our state or province, our municipality, our neighbourhood!

What do you think? How does your discipleship affect the way you see your citizenship? The other word coming to my mind as I'm thinking about this whole subject is "neighbour." As Mr. Rogers used to say "Will you be my neighbour?"

If I am a true disciple, can I be anything less than a good citizen, a caring neighbour? And what are the things I must care about? What are the rights I enjoy and the responsibilities I must bear? Is it possible to have one without the other, at least if I would be a good neighbour/citizen/disciple?

What do YOU think?

Posted by Marion

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