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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Priesthood Calls

Last Sunday I had the responsibility and privilege of presenting four priesthood calls to the Faubert Drive congregation in Chatham; three Elders and one Deacon. This is actually the latest step in a process which began more than a year ago, and is still not quite complete. Let me begin at the beginning.

In early 2009, I visited this congregation and became aware that the Faubert Drive church had a very effective pastorate with one somewhat unusual feature; all three pastors were Priests. Further, it appeared that there was a shortage of Elders in the congregation, although clearly not a shortage of candidates for this office.

For the benefit of readers who may not be familiar with Community of Christ operating method, there is nothing at all wrong with having three Priests as pastors, but it is more common for pastors to be Elders. While it is fine for pastors to be Priests, there are benefits to the congregation to have Elders available. For example, if there are persons who are sick and request the sacrament of Laying on of Hands for healing, it takes an Elder to do that since a Priest does not have that authorization.

Normally it is the pastor’s responsibility to discern a call to priesthood, and to initiate the process which can bring the candidate to ordination, and that is the procedure that was followed with the young lady who will soon be ordained a Deacon. When the candidate is the pastor her/himself, however, that procedure does not apply. In such a case, it is the duty of the next administrative officer to prayerfully discern, process, and present that call. Such was the case in Faubert Drive, and so that task fell to me as mission president. Now, more than a year since that process began, the candidates have each made a decision to accept the call, taken the required training courses, and are ready for ordination at a time that will work for them, their families, and the congregation.

The ordination of these fine ministers will make the congregation stronger and equip these leaders for further ministry in their community. We celebrate their willingness to recognize the movement of God’s Spirit in their lives, and to faithfully respond. May their efforts always be blessed by the Presence of the Good Spirit, and may they always minister in the Spirit of Love and Peace.

Posted by Carman

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