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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This past weekend, a group of young adults from around the mission centre gathered at the Bathurst Street church in Toronto. The purpose of this gathering was a Vision Workshop with Becky Savage of the First Presidency, and Erica Blevins-Nye of the church’s young adult ministries office. The workshop was number 25 of about 28 such events being held around the world to give the First Presidency a chance to dialogue with young adults and hear what they are thinking.

Of course, like any retreat, the event did not just come together on Friday night all by itself. For months, several young adult leaders have been meeting, both on-line and in person, doing the hard work of planning this event. Schedules were worked out, fun and serious activities were thought of, a budget was drafted, and dialogue sessions were planned. A trip was made to check out the facilities (meeting space, kitchen, beds, showers, parking, etc.), qualified volunteers were found to look after the participants' children, a cook was retained and meals provided. The various dialogue sessions were prepared, worship planners were found and worship leaders recruited. All of this had to be coordinated with the congregation. Small wonder then, that at the end of the event, one of the leaders confessed to feeling a little weary. Pulling off this highly successful event was a lot of work!

While there is a great deal to celebrate about this successful weekend, the aspect that is most encouraging to me is the leadership shown by this fine team of young adults. They know how to lead. They understand how to plan, and the many steps required to make an event a success. Further, they were willing to do the work in order to make the event happen. I am grateful for their willingness, their skills and their leadership.

All of this is just one more evidence of success as we work toward achieving our # 1 mission centre goal: Young Adult Leader Empowerment. We have many young adult leaders, and they have the skills they need to lead. Lets give them room and opportunity to do so.

Posted by Carman

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