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Monday, November 15, 2010


Has anyone ever advised you to “keep your options open”?

It surely seems to me that many people have received that advice. Or they’ve decided it all by themselves. Oh I get it. It’s good to have choices. And sometimes it must seem that something better just might come along. It wouldn’t be good to be too tied up and to have to say “No” to some ultimate opportunity, would it?

There are opportunities aplenty for certain. Invitations to “events” fill up our facebook pages. Fundraisers, celebrations, concerts, workshops, parties, dinners…and on and on. Not to mention the essential preparations—shopping, cooking. Many of us are managing more than one calendar and need to synchronize a whole family, merging kids’ activities, parties, school trips, appointments with our own.

So we naturally adopt the very workable and understandable strategy of “keeping our options open.”

But here’s the thing. There are some things you’ve just gotta commit to! Face it: sometimes the best choice is the clear winner and you just must commit!

Next weekend all camp, reunion and retreat Directors get together for a weekend of focusing on this very, very important ministry. For this one time only we’ll be coming from every corner of the Mission. Many current directors will bring their good ideas, their leadership team, their potential successors, members of campground boards to expand the conversation and ensure great experiences to future campers. Some veteran directors will be there bringing their many years of experience and expertise to the mix. It will be amazing!

Our new Camping Commission is stepping up the plate this year and have organized this weekend’s program. They have the idea that sending out the invitation and planning a great agenda means that most folks will be there. I hope they’re right! This is no time to be “keeping your options open” folks. If you direct one of those major ministry events, or if you’d like to some day—camp, reunion, retreat—then this is for you! Nothing better is going to come along. We need you to commit and we’d sure like to hear that you’re coming. If you’re waiting for something better, forget it! There’s no better place to be.

Call Cheryl (1-888-411-7537) today and book your spot or email Pat Pallister ( and let her know you’ll be there. That’s CEM Directors’ Retreat, Scaroboro Missions, November 19-21. (See Events calender)

Posted by Marion

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