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Monday, September 13, 2010


I just received a nice newsy email from a friend who’s recently retired. Like many newly retired folk, she’s finding herself busier than ever. [Note to self: refrain from real retirement awhile longer!] My friend is also a minister, and much of what she’s been busy with have been weddings and funerals. One of her stories is remarkable and I’d like to share it with you.

Married to a wonderful supportive spouse who happens to be an active practising Catholic, my friend has lots of family whose heritage is in the Catholic church. But like many people today, some of this extended family do not have an active church life and don’t have a priest or even a parish that they feel attached to. These folks have come to look to this Community of Christ priest as a family minister at times when they “need” one—for weddings or funerals.

She had the opportunity to be with a sister-in-law through the last days of her illness and then with the family for the funeral at a somewhat distant city. As it happened, the next door neighbours of the bereaved family are active in the Community of Christ congregation in that town. The reception following the services were held in that church. And our friend was supported by her brothers and sisters so that she could bring comfort and minister to her extended family. She can also return home being assured that these good folks will continue to offer help and solace to their bereaved neighbours.

Of course we’ll say “it’s a small world” and think about the interesting “synchronicity” of the experience. But as Allyson says: I’ve learned it’s not about me and what I do; I just need to be open to whatever that power is working there already.

I am grateful for her and her ministry and her openness to the power, but I am also grateful for those neighbours who were doing their part for a family in need.

Posted by Marion

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