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Friday, September 17, 2010


Something in mgabriel’s comment on Wednesday’s blog post Monarchs has lodged in my consciousness, and I think it is worth exploring. It was her confession that “My desire for my children to have the opportunities for worship in the sacred spaces is a major driving force in my journey…” Isn’t it interesting how so many of us want our children or grandchildren to have the experience of “worshiping in the sacred spaces” of our campgrounds? I have talked to people who have probably not attended church in years, (which is not the case with mgabriel) but they desperately want their children to go to camp. It is often intensely important to them.

I know from talking to hundreds of people who attended camps or reunions at grounds all over North America that this is not at all unique to the campgrounds in Canada East Mission. Everywhere there are people who have the same feeling of attachment to their camp. They will talk about the friends they made there, and the people they knew. They often remember someone who was on staff, or perhaps particular events such as great campfires, or swimming, or some trinket they made in the craft elective. The memories of those long ago days are very strong.

I do not believe, however, those great memories alone are the reason behind our desire to have our children and grandchildren go to camp. I suspect the root cause is much deeper. I believe that, for many people, the reason for their attachment to their camp experience is because it was there that they first had an identifiable encounter with the Divine. It is often at camp that God (or even the possibility of God) first becomes real to many people, and they remember. Somehow, in that community, in that place, on that mountain or on the shores of that lake, something happened!

That something was an encounter, or an experience, or a feeling that was real and that mattered! In that experience, somehow we felt embraced and loved by a Presence that could not be explained and that may have never been experienced anywhere else. The experience stays with people, and long after the feeling can no longer be described, the knowledge that it happened and that it was or is important remains. It is as if the experience has taken up permanent residency somewhere in our hearts, and cannot be dislodged or denied. It is a treasure we hold sacred and dear.

Am I overstating this? Perhaps…or perhaps not, but some of you will know exactly what i am talking about. I wonder, are you willing to share your sacred memories of camp here? It is a lot to ask, but I feel very confident in assuring you that those who read your comments here will honour and respect your experience, because they have been there too.

Posted by Carman

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