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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We are one.
We are not separate beings.
We are one in God and the One God cannot be divided.
Sometimes we want to forget our Oneness, for to remember would change how we behave.
I need to remember, and I need to change.

Recently someone told me of a conversation he had had with another, and the other had said some things I found extremely odd; things I could not believe or accept. I wanted to write this person off; to distance myself from him and his ideas. I wanted to just say “He is just plain weird,” and separate myself from him and his strange beliefs. I verbally attempted to do so.

But this person is part of me, and part of you. He is not some strange, separate other; he is part of the wonderful Oneness that is God’s created universe. God’s love for him is boundless, and God delights in him as much as God delights in anyone else. Perhaps God actually enjoys his strange ideas as he explores the world from his unique perspective. If I ever hope to be more Godly, I cannot just write people off because we disagree. After all, my ideas aren't always so wonderful either.

To accept and love ‘an other’ in the same way we accept and love our self does not seem easy, but it is Godly. It must even be natural, because we are One.

Sometimes we want to forget our Oneness, because to remember would change how we behave towards each other.
I need to remember, and I need to change.

Posted by Carman

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