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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


From my upstairs window, I look over the roofs of the houses across the street to the fields beyond. This time of year, in the cool, early morning light, those fields are covered in mist. The scene is lovely.

It occurs to me that were I standing in those fields instead of in my study, I probably could not see the mist. It takes the perspective of a certain distance to perceive it. I always appreciate the beauty of this scene.

Of course, there are many details I cannot see from here. For instance, were I standing in those fields, I would be able to see the stubble from the cut grain, undoubtedly some weeds, perhaps some rocks and obstacles I cannot see from a distance. They are out there, but I do not perceive them. The bigger picture is better.

Is this what God is like when surveying our lives? Does the Divine Artist look at Her children with a certain objectivity that allows for recognition of their sacredness and beauty? Does God paint the bigger picture, shrouded in mists of grace, without recognizing the weeds and stubble that we see in our own lives and think are so important?

As we go about our day today, may we hold the bigger picture in our hearts. May we see the beauty in God’s world, and know we are surrounded by grace and love. May we regard those we meet from this perspective, recognizing their divine holiness and beauty rather than holding on to greivances, and may we offer to ourselves the same grace.

Posted by Carman

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