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Monday, February 20, 2012

More Ideas

Here are some more thoughts building on the “second adult class” idea that Marion was speaking about in "An Idea":

It is really neat when we can get a group of people together to have a look at something new, have a look at doing things differently or just getting together! Building community can be a lot of work!

I just finished a couple of different books that might provide a great focus for that “second adult class” or smallish group activity!

“Reinventing Sunday - Breakthrough ideas for transforming worship”(ISBN 978-08170-1414-8)
would be a really good book for a group to get together and start going over. The book is written by Brad Berglund, who I believe is an Episcopal Priest, so the book comes from a bit more of a “liturgical type perspective”, but I found myself wondering, as I went through the book, and then went through it again, “Gee, just how could we adapt this thought to a Community of Christ type approach."

Even if the worship at your congregation is top notch and “couldn’t be improved” it never hurts to keep looking at things to see if you can keep worship “fresh” and “relevant”! Give this book at try!

Another good book, especially for this time of year as we're considering Lent, for a group study, might be “The Last Week - what the gospels really teach about Jesus’s final days in Jerusalem.” (ISBN 978-0-06-087260-1 .) This one is also available in audio as shown below.

Please note, this book may not be for everyone but it is an excellent look at the gospel account from Mark (we are in liturgical year B). This book takes a day by day look at Jesus’ last week in Jerusalem and provides background information and a perspective that you may not have encountered before.

These are a couple of books I have recently finished! Hey, with the three suggested by Marion, that will give you at least five to pick from if you decide to take up the challenge!

Poster is John Nichols

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