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The spot for the good news, the good word, the quick reports of the many, many wonderful news items I hear all the time and want to share with the rest of you. Expect to find the good news when you come to check out "what’s the good word?"

Monday, February 6, 2012


(Editor’s note: Friends, Proton congregation is a small, country church that is big in spirit. Their size and location out on a quiet country road does not stop them from making a major contribution to their community as you will see below. As you read, add up the financial value of their donations to the many causes they support. That is only the financial part and does not include the ministry and fellowship they offer! Special thanks to Pastors Jack and Shirley Richardson for this post. The Richardsons are also our mission advocates for their group of congregations.)

Proton is a small congregation. We feel fortunate if we have 20 people out on a Sunday. In spite of our small numbers we are very good at serving beef suppers. We have been doing it for years. We have our own church supper the first Saturday after Thanksgiving.

We have a very active little theatre in the village of Dundalk. Some of us have joined the little theatre board, and some of us also take part in their productions. The theatre decided to pair their Saturday night productions with a hot meal and because of that we've been asked several time to serve our wonderful beef suppers, complete with homemade pie.

We have always had a great relationship with the United Church in Dundalk, so we asked if we could rent their church kitchen and dining room. We hold our Christmas breakfast there as well, as we are out in the country. This activity has raised a considerable amount of money and because of this we were able to donate money to different organizations this past year. We donated $2,500 to the local food bank, also $1,500 to the Christmas Cheer fund (connected to the local food bank) as well as $1,500 to World Accord, & Ziontario $3,000. We also were able to offer monetary support to a family struggling to make ends meet. We sponsor a $500 Peace Scholarship each yr, as well as $250.00 to a local school breakfast club.

These actions have certainly helped with our second mission initiative, Abolish Poverty and End Suffering, as well as touching on some others: Develop Disciples to Serve, Experience Congregations in Mission, and Pursue Peace on Earth. It is quite evident from our small numbers and aging congregation that we certainly need to work on Inviting People to Christ, as well as continuing to work on the others.

Thank you for the opportunity to share,

Jack & Shirley.


  1. this is such fantastic news! and so great to read what a small group of thoughtful committed people can do!

    i would like to visit proton some day!

  2. steadfeast in our worship experience and meeting with one another...I sense that the holy spirit has been present and taken in a meal and show or two.

    May God continue to bless those who serve joyfully and so generously.

  3. Thanks people for your kind words' John we at Proton would love to have you anytime. You could even come to one of our suppers. Shirley.

  4. let me know! when and where! i had tried to drop in for a service when we were staying at riverside but ended up in "proton station" which is no longer a "station" it would appear! ;)

    when i am staying at riverside i am only a hop, skip and jump away! and i get to visit the general stores at holstein and dromore!


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