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Thursday, January 26, 2012


This posting is from John Nichols. John wears many hats, one of them being that of a reliable source of book information. John's on the lookout for resources you can use. He'll offer his rating and whatever initial thoughts he has about how to get the most out of the books he's suggesting.

"Toolbox for Mission"

Hi folks! I have been seeking out books with lots of interesting ideas to help all of us gear up for Mission! Looking specifically for some “how to” guides for helping us “Develop Disciples to Serve.”

I’ve just completed four different books that could help with that Mission Initiative.

I do have to say, prior to starting the reviews, that buying books is great! Reading books is wonderful! Applying what you learn from the books is essential! And, without further ado, here are some of the books that I am currently recommending!

#1/ Fresh Ideas for Women’s Ministry; Creative Plans and Programs that Really Work!
Author, Diana Davis. ISBN978-0-8054-4723-1

My wife pointed me to this book as a potential good resource, likely also very saleable on a Reunion Book Table. Cringing a little, I plunged into it anyway. My verdict: This resource would be valuable for men AND women alike.

Written for other “mainline” churches, its ideas are easily adaptable to a Community of Christ context. Ms Davis takes you on a step by step process for developing a Women’s Ministry and would be an excellent resource for congregations, camps, retreats.

AND, guys, with a few adaptations and different ideas it could easily be used for “Men’s Retreats” or a Men’s Group, as well. If you are looking at developing ministries of these kinds, I would heartily suggest you pick up this book!

#2/How To Mobilize Church Volunteers

Author: Marlene Wilson. ISBN 978-0-8066-2012-1

This book was, again, written more for the “mainline protestant group” but with a few slight adaptations it is really good for the Community of Christ! Ms Wilson takes you on a step by step journey from assessing the needs, recruiting the volunteers, building the congregational team, training the volunteers, all the way to nurturing and managing the volunteers. Do you need to build a team for specific things in your congregation? How about for your Reunion, camp or retreat? This step by step guide is really useful!

This resource could be easily adapted into a workshop and for helping to prevent “burn out.”
My rating: 4.75 out of 5.

More tomorrow.

Posted by John Nichols

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