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Friday, January 27, 2012

Toolbox, continued

#3/ Practicing Passion: Youth and the Quest for a Passionate Church
Author: Kenda Creasy Dean.
ISBN-10: 0-8028-4712-9
ISBN -13: 978-0-8028-4712-6

When I picked this book up I figured it was a “How To” guide for youth and young adult ministry. I was mistaken.

Ms Dean is an Associate Professor of Youth, church at the Tennent School of Christian Education at Princeton Theological Seminary and this book is more of a scholarly work about “passion” and “youth and young adult” type ministries but it is from a more “fundamental” point of view and does not easily adapt to current Community of Christ Theology.

I enjoyed reading this book (though, unlike the two before this and the one that follows) it is not an easy read but tends to be fairly heavy. I feel I picked up a good deal of information and knowledge that I did not have before but would not suggest this book if you were looking for a quick and easy “how to” when it comes to youth and young adult ministries. I do feel it would be beneficial for people who are involved in those ministries to provide them with knowledge and a good background base for these ministries.

My rating:
As a How to for getting your ministry going: 2 out of 5.
As a resource for background and knowledge: 3.5 - 4 out of 5. (It takes a fair bit of stretching to make it Community of Christ friendly).

Now, I know Marion Smith has suggested the following book to many people but I would like to add it to my own, “Must Read” list and would highly recommend it!

#4/ The Disciple Making Church: From Dry Bones to Spiritual Vitality
Author: Glenn McDonald.
ISBN 978-1-932902-67-9

Wow! This book is a “Must Have” for every “Toolbox for Mission”.

The book is in two parts.
Part 1 is an excellent and easy read and takes you a Journey through “Disciple Making Relationships. Part 1 would make an excellent workshop, with a little adaptation and fits well with current Community of Christ Theology.

Part 2 is very good, though with theology of a bit more fundamental nature, but it is still well worth reading and can be adapted to be a good fit with current Community of Christ Theology.

This book is an excellent resource for the switch from a “strategy of programs” to a “strategy of relationships” and will help you to see just how Disciple-making is a one -to- one activity that transforms groups. The book was easy to read and really makes sense in the Community of Christ setting and is a wonderful book for anyone who would like to live in a more “sacramental manner”.

Look for this book on the “book tables” at future CEM events. Consider it a must read for priesthood and leadership throughout the mission centre. I will be certain to ask you, “who is your Barnabas” and “who is your Timothy” (along with a couple of other questions that you will discover as you read the book)!

My rating: 4.9 out of 5.

Stay tuned for other exciting books that you can make a part of your “Toolbox for Mission”!

Poster John Nichols

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