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Friday, January 6, 2012

Spirit of Giving

Windsor Congregation: our numbers are large on the books, but small in the pews, yet this group is mighty when called upon to give.

Each year during the four Sundays of Advent we have chosen a charity to support financially - World Accord, Sleeping Children, Hospice, World Vision.

This year, keeping in mind the Mission Initiative, "Abolish Poverty and End Suffering" we chose Hiatus House, a refuge for battered women and their children.

At Christmas the 42-bed house was full and many were on a waiting list.
In a spirit of over-whelming generosity, our members donated $1022.18, a substantial increase over past Christmas giving.

Even the couple who clean our church building asked if they could give to our Mission this year.That request reminded me that we are always witnessing whether intentionally or not.

As Windsor continues to explore the implications of the five Mission Initiatives, I hope we will discover many ways to witness and be a presence in our Community as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Twyla Glassford
Pastor, Windsor Congregation,
Mission Advocate

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