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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


In 2010, the Lowbanks congregation stepped up its Christmas charity efforts by adopting a family in need. The family consisted of a single father and three children.

So generous were the donations, this year they decided to adopt two families. While everyone enthusiastically agreed to this suggestion, it was an ambitious undertaking. Lowbanks is a relatively small congregation. They would need to provide grocery vouchers worth $275 as well as gifts for three parents and six children. Adding to the challenge was the short time frame from when the family information was provided and when the gifts had to be delivered (less than two weeks).

As soon as the details was provided to the congregation, Billy said "We'll take care of the $150 grocery voucher for Family #1". Immediately Marg and Becky responded "We'll take care of the other one". Eunice said "I'll take care of the 5 year old boy in Family 1". From there it snowballed until every need was met and more ... much more.

The response was overwhelming. The Thank You cards from the families speak of a Christmas they will never forget.

Here is a congregation in mission. For a brief time, two families were relieved from their poverty and suffering during the holy season of Christmas.

from Marilyn Graham, Mission Advocate

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  1. WOW! what an excellent example of "experience congregations in mission!"


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