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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bread & Butter

My blogging friend PeaceBangasked a question that stirred something in me. She’s been working with an Alban Institute vocation consultant who wanted her to think about “What are you a commitment to?” When PB explained that this is not the same as “what are you committed to?” I understood immediately.

Several years ago I went to a workshop with author and consultant Peter Block. His question was “What is your vision of greatness?” and he forced us to come to an answer. In order to tap into another part of our brains, he asked us to draw a picture of that vision and then to explain our picture to the other workshop participants. I can still see the picture I drew that day because it is the answer to that question: what are you a commitment to? It has guided all the work I have done since then and it remains my vision until today!

My picture was one of a loaf of bread and a pat of butter. My explanation went something like this. Whatever I do, whenever I teach a class or preach a sermon or write something or offer advice or do a consultation I want to be sure that what I offer is as basic and as immediately useful as bread and butter. Nothing fancy; just plain bread and butter, nourishing and nutritious. It’s always there driving what I do. It’s there when I’m preparing or doing research or reading. It’s so very present that I seldom think about it; it’s just the way I do business. I’m not suggesting I’ve always been totally successful. That’s the other side of the story and I need your input to answer that. But it’s there at source for me.

This week I’m preparing a couple of sermons and I’ll be teaching a Scripture workshop at Faubert Drive congregation this weekend (weather permitting!). I’ve been struggling all year to find a venue to do a Youth Worker training day. I’ve been at reunions and retreats and CPI gatherings and lots and lots of congregations or visits with pastors (and librarians, Sunday school teachers, worship planners, preachers, mentors, advocates…) and facebook encounters or email exchanges and it’s always, always there in what I try to offer. Is this as good and basic and helpful and immediate as bread and butter?

I pass along the challenge to you. What are you a commitment to? What is your personal vision of greatness?

And as Peter Block would say if someone claimed not to have such a vision: If you had a vision of greatness, what would it be?

Posted by Marion


  1. I am trying to be a committment to understanding and living this quote by Tony Campola. I first heard this during a worship service being led by Kris Judd and it has driven me since and I believe it will for the rest of my life.

    "You're a Christian when your heart is broken by the things that break the heart of Jesus" Tony Campola.

    There are broken hearts in every community of our lives, our fellow congregants, our families, our neighbours and our friends, ignorance, poverty and injustice are everywhere.

    So I'm trying to be a committment to this one statement, and bring the peace of Christ to broken hearts.


  2. Lovely thought--thanks for sharing it Mel.


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