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Monday, December 27, 2010


The Christmas shopping frenzy is over. The crowds of people, desperately seeking the gifts they hoped would satisfy family and friends finally went home from the stores on December 24th, needing to get those gifts wrapped, labeled and stacked up around the tree just in time for someone else to rip them open on Christmas morning. Then, often in a matter of moments, its all over. The stuff is everywhere, and the wrapping paper, ripped, torn and crumpled, is scattered across the floor.

I found it interesting this year that the television news people, always needing something to talk about, reported steadily that “retail analysts” predicted every nuance of the spending habits of our populace. They could forecast how many transactions would be made per second across the country, how many purchases would be made by Visa or MasterCard, and how much many millions of dollars we would collectively spend. And we did. According to later reports, Canadians exceeded their expectations. Shareholders of all the various companies involved should feel blessed, for we blessed them.

If one stopped and thought about it logically, one might have thought that all that shopping would be enough for a long, long time; certainly for weeks, probably for months, perhaps even for a whole year. Alas, not so. The Christmas shopping frenzy is over, and now the Boxing Week frenzy has begun. In central Canada, one day after the end of this intense month of shopping, we the people are back in the stores, looking for things to buy. This week we will lug home big screen TVs, cameras, crock pots, and who knows what. Store parking lots are full, isles are crowded, “Sale” signs are everywhere, and we “consumers” dutifully respond.

I sometimes wonder what Jesus would make of all this. What would he think of the frenzy of consumption that happens every year, all supposedly in the name of celebrating his birth; a frenzy that, in fact, has nothing to do with him? Somehow I think he would laugh. I imagine some rather sardonic amusement as he shakes his head and makes his way to the shelter to hang out with some people he loves. No frenzy here, just a crowded but warm church basement, a bowl of hot soup, a slice or two of bread, and a friendly smile from those servers who “get it.”

Well, enough of this early morning musing. I had better get dressed and ready to go. After all, the stores will open soon!

Posted by Carman

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