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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Zerin Appeal

Thirty years ago, a handful of London, ON church members had a vision of developing an affordable apartment building for senior citizens to live in. They began to meet together to explore and plan, and 25 years ago this month, Zerin Place, a forty unit apartment building, was opened. It was a proud accomplishment.

On December 5, 2010, the present members of the Zerin Board got together with the current residents of Zerin Place to celebrate the resulting 25 years of community. A few of the people on hand for this occasion were Apostle Susan Skoor, financial administrator Ian Rowett, current property manager Raisa Romanchik, and the chair person of the original development committee, Jack German. It was a wonderful day.

On that occasion, board chair Tim Stanlick was handed a letter from several tenants asking for help. In response, Tim has created the following appeal, most of which I am taking the liberty of reprinting here.

From Tim:

The letter was from several tenants that use and take care of some of the recreational activities available to them in a community room. The request was for re-furbishing the pool table top (less cost than purchasing a new one) and updating accompanying supplies. The Community of Christ is the sponsoring body of this facility. Funds cannot come from the housing project budget.

Other tenants tell a story of crocheting rugs, making quilts, etc for people in need. These are mostly sent to Haiti. This is fabulous work and a great way for tenants to mingle and enjoy activities together. Other activities they do include board games, large puzzles, painting, quilting, knitting, tea socials and many more.

I am on a mission to secure $2,000 to be split with these two groups within the Zerin community. Let me remind you that almost half of the tenants are on subsidized rent and most have limited income. These are seniors that are very grateful for an apartment building such as theirs, in which each one doesn't call their apartment but the whole building home. What a great testimony to "living community".

Help me, help them. Please make cheques payable to Zerin Development Corporation and note “Rec Fund Donation” on the memo line. Please send to:

Zerin Development Corporation (4U)
453 Hale Street
London ON
N5W 1G6

Please share this information at your next church service and with anyone who wishes for a seniors Christmas to come true. Due to the timing, this fund raiser will continue until reached. Thank you.

Amounts over $10.00 will be given a 2010 charitable receipt. I will provide updates to reaching my goal.

Merry Christmas to all and best wishes for good health for the coming year.

Tim Stanlick
President - Board of Directors
Zerin Development Corporation
London Ontario

Posted by Carman

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