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Thursday, June 10, 2010


I debated which of several possible words I could use to introduce the thoughts I’ve been having today. I thought about stress, overwork, connection, technology, busy, loaded but decided to go with calm as the most positive word for our focus today.

It all began with a blog post that addressed a common theme of late: just how is our addiction to technology affecting our ability to find calm spaces for ourselves in the midst of busy lives? Apparently scientists have discovered that we may even be rewiring our brains with our constant need to be connected to email, cell phone, the internet; or to keep our attention constantly fed with new information, video games, bobbing from site to site to avoid even an instant of “boredom.”

As summer is approaching I’m noticing that most of my family, friends, acquaintances are speaking more and more of their anxiety about planning, packing, organizing, scheduling. What happened to the days when we spoke of the lazy days of summer, when the livin’ is easy? Where is the calm that comes with the welcome heat?

Is it a shift in the way our culture does summer? Or is it the rewiring of technology-soaked brains that need stimulation 24x7?

I’m hoping we haven’t lost the knack of finding time for relaxation, reflection, calm at some point, even if we have to schedule it! The author of that blog up above suggested that human beings, fed constant stimulus, may even forget how to pray. What do you think? Should I be worried?

No, I think I’ll just try to remain calm.

Posted by Marion


  1. Marion,
    I appreciate your thoughts for today, and the concern or at least acknowledgement of the constantly wired, overworked, and overly connected lifestyle that seems to be lifted up as the way to be. I’m in Tahiti right now, and while all of the church employees and volunteers are busy, they are also able to take time to talk, have a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy life on this beautiful island. They are just as connected, with email, text messages, wireless internet, etc, but something is different with most. I did make a comment about a group of women who meet regularly turning their phones off during the one hour they have together. The thought of being disconnected was painful to them as they felt they had to be available to everyone at all times, including on their time off. This is crazy making thinking and crazy making behavior, and I would like to challenge it when I can. If we aren’t able to disconnect for one hour per day for ourselves, our families, our health, we have much to worry about. Maybe it’s the Tahitian influence..maybe it’s Sabbath. Maybe I’m just crazy. Any thoughts?

  2. Thanks for your comments -- all the way from Tahiti, Kris!
    It CAN be "crazy-making" if we don't find our own islands of calm in the midst of our busy days. Not all of us will be able to do that in the south Pacific, but each of us can find our own island, In fact we must do that.
    Any thoughts from our other readers--how do you do this in your life?

  3. Marion:
    Sometimes, when life gets too hectic and noisy. I "disconnect" from it all. I need to find peace and to be calm. Its pretty hard to do surrounded by all of the electronic gadgetry and other distractions, so I wander off to a quiet place, find a rock or a log, and just sit and relax. Sometimes I repeat "be still and know that I am God". I almost always find, in that time, answers to questions or problems that are troubling me. Sometimes it feels like He's right there with me. This is how I find my "calm" in the storms of life.


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