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The spot for the good news, the good word, the quick reports of the many, many wonderful news items I hear all the time and want to share with the rest of you. Expect to find the good news when you come to check out "what’s the good word?"

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Today is our birthday! Our first anniversary as a blogging entity. One year ago today we went public with What's the Good Word after spending a month test-driving the medium. I wanted to make sure I could actually think of something to say, five days a week (I gave us a sabbath from the beginning; time to catch our breath without the pressure of the deadline). Oh, I knew there was plenty of good news to share, but creating a little "gem" to publish every single day was somewhat daunting.

I need not have worried. Carman joined me as a regular contributor in July with Transformation and by August was also very much sharing the load. He often speaks/writes of the "synchronicity" he observes as our relationship with the blog and its readers unfolds. We hardly ever consult each other about what we will say, what we're likely to post the next day, even "whose turn is it?" It just seems to happen.

Nevertheless, this morning's word: Attention! refers to the greatest gift I've received from writing this piece day after day for the past year. A Buddhist would call it mindfulness and it truly is a great gift! Knowing somewhere in the back of my mind (sometimes in the front as publication time loomed!) that I need to identify the next "good word" and a way to share it that might stimulate thought, or conversation, means I've had to cultivate an attitude of paying attention, of being mindful.

I believe this is the reason Carman and I have not needed to give much energy to collaborating, or conferring about the direction of the Blog. Living in the community as we do, thinking about what matters most for that community, listening to the joys and sorrows that preoccupy our people, has meant that the words that come are the right ones--at least they aren't the wrong ones.

We often ask for your comments, but we really aren't much concerned if you don't because we've heard your live feedback, or we know you're paying attention as well. And that's good for now.

Of course, as I suggested on our facebook page, a real posted comment once in awhile would be a nice gift. But for me, the best gift has been the opportunity to share with you each day and to enjoy the gift of attention it has added to my life as your chief Blogger.

Happy Anniversary everyone, and here's to another good year listening for The Good Word!

Posted by Marion


  1. Happy anniversary to you both !! I read every day and have never been disappointed in the unique and interesting writings - both newsy and challenging. I'm at home, you are in the Grelph office and yet, I feel we have a chat every day - even if it's only one-sided ! My thanks for being 'mindful' as you have done the same for me....I just don't articulate it in words. (I just re-read my note and made sure my apostophies are in the right place !!) Keep up the good work - the Blog is a blessing.

  2. Thanks Ann, it's good to know you're out there too. (and Good Job on the apostrophe mindfulness; it's especially gratifying for me

  3. Happy anniversary, indeed! You've built a fantastic community in a short time.

    (I await the forthcoming book once you realize you've created enough content for a daily reader!)

  4. Thanks Words and for all the encouragement before and during the past year.

    As for the book, I refer you to Paper


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