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Monday, June 14, 2010


“If you need my help, just ask.”

Have you said that? Has someone said it to you? How often do we hear it or say it? All you need to do is “ask.”

And then, how often have you asked? And how often has someone asked you? I suspect the balance swings much farther to the former than to the latter. It’s kind of easy to say “Just ask.” But it’s lots harder to “Ask.”

Last Saturday I had the privilege of getting together with a group of wise elders who’ve been invited, and who have accepted the invitation, to become mentors for our first contingent of CPI pastors. They have each been paired up with one of these in-training congregational leaders and have been tasked with encouraging, supporting, listening, suggesting, helping, as they are able, or as they feel led. One thing we tell them is that they must do that task, whether or not they are asked.

Our community comprises some of the most generous people I know! Seriously! They’ll do anything for you. They’ll offer the proverbial shirt off their backs. But they are reluctant to ask for help! With this CPI project, one objective we’ve identified is to change this culture. Oh we do not want to make people less generous, or less resourceful. I’m not certain we can ever make people more willing to ask for help—Maybe.

But we want to make our wise elders, our natural mentors, our experienced pastors, leaders, and coaches more intentional about offering support where it is needed, even if they have not been asked. It will take a real effort to be sensitive, to establish deep relationships in order not to offend. It will require developing a new skill set, perhaps. It will be work.

So right now, let me offer my sincerest thanks to this team of CPI Mentors who have willingly stepped forward to learn some new lessons themselves, in support of a hard-working team of pastors and congregations breaking fresh ground for growing healthy congregations and preparing to serve the mission of Jesus Christ—what matters most for the journey ahead. (D&C 164:9f)

Posted by Marion

1 comment:

  1. This might also be a good time for each of us to spend a minute or two reflecting on our own mentoring relationships. Who has mentored you and how? Who is it that you are mentoring? Do you wait to be asked for guidance by your mentee, or are you a "companion on the journey; breaking bread and sharing life?"

    It is this second pattern that we have asked our CPI mentors to adopt.


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