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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Season

The season is coming. Can you hear the buzz?

That sound has been growing in volume and intensity for over a month now. You can hear and see it on Facebook, on websites, in emails, and in congregations.

The camping season is coming. Camp and reunion directors are busy planning their events and recruiting their staff. They are getting excited!

Camp ground boards are sending out email reminders of campground clean-up days and their opening events.

The Ziontario board is planning and fund-raising for the brand new swimming pool.

McGowan’s Lake is getting set to build a new shower house with (wonder of wonders) flush toilets!

Erie Beach is getting set to dispose of facilities that have outlived their purposes.

The Noronto Board will meet one more time before the season begins to make sure they are ready.

The new Camping Commission is working diligently to be ready for their first Camp Staff Training day on May 1.

We are in the final stages of firming up the 2010 lifeguard team.

The buzz is definitely growing, and in exactly 50 days the season will begin.

The season is definitely coming. Can you hear the buzz?

Posted by Carman

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