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The spot for the good news, the good word, the quick reports of the many, many wonderful news items I hear all the time and want to share with the rest of you. Expect to find the good news when you come to check out "what’s the good word?"

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Season (continued)

The season. It sounds so…singular! In fact, it is anything but. It is a multi-faceted, multi-location, multi-level program. Consider the following numbers.

¨ One Kids Camp
¨ One Senior High Camp
¨ One Music Camp
¨ Two Camp Quality(s)
¨ Two Junior High Camps
¨ Four campgrounds with four campground boards.
¨ Six Family Camp/Reunions
¨ Twelve or more retreats
¨ Several off-site ventures like Canoe Camp, SPEC, Women’s Retreat, and Encounter World Religions
¨ Hundreds of staff, all volunteers
¨ Thousands of meals generously prepared by so few cooks and eaten by so many hungry campers
¨ Thousands of hours of work, all donated with loving care by hundreds of people.

Why do they do it?

Why do they do it? Because somewhere along the line, their hearts have been touched and blessed at camp and they want the same experience for you. They do it because they love camp, and because they love you.

Its true! It is all done in the hope and trust that somewhere during the course of the camping season, there will be persons who find themselves touched and blessed, or as Doctrine and Covenants 163:2b put it so eloquently, "restored to healthy or righteous relationships with God, others, themselves, and the earth. "

The season is definitely coming and the buzz is getting louder. Can you hear it?

Posted by Carman


  1. I had one of those mostly sleepless nights with so many things running around in my head - 2 new quartet songs and solo for this Sunday's confirmation service- can't stop singing them!, tons of new school library books to be processed -printer not working so figuring how to efficiently do them by hand if it comes to that (so few volunteers...), Reunion planning meeting agenda being written in my head - and when I finally fell asleep for a little while about 6 a.m. I dreamed that I agreed to clean up the bathroom in Johanne's house after the dog and several boys had had baths, so I could have a shower myself, after a sleepover meeting, I guess!! :) Then I found Carman's blog with the reminder about why we do some of these things and it all seemed to fit - from the singing to the library to the camping, he hit the nail on the head! Thanks for your own sleepless nights and days filled with activity on behalf all you love too - you all know who you are! Happy camping everyone.

  2. The most amazing experience I ever had with God, was in the woods at Monetville in 1973. That has never left me. Good Luck with the 2010 camping season.
    I have to say, I really enjoy these posts. The word of the day becomes my daily meditation .....sometimes I'm really surprised where my mind takes me with it. Thankyou Marion and Carmen.

  3. Paula, come and join us again. Those amazing experiences are still happening.

  4. Paula, 2010 is the 50th Anniversary of the Noronto Campgrounds at Monetville, and we will be celebrating at the Family Camp in August. Is it time to gather up some of your kids and grandkids and introduce them to your history? :)

    While the basics that you remember are still the same (Dining Hall, Chapel, Lake, the rock in front of the dining hall), the grounds have been improved over the years, and they are lovely.

    But the most important part is the love of the community that gathers there to meet God, and that is what you remember most.

    In any event, know that you will always be welcomed home there.


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