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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Palm Sunday 2010, was an interesting collection of events for me. It began with wonderful and thoughtful scripture, discussion on spiritual practise and worship with the group of pastors in our CEM Co-missioned Pastor Initiative. Throughout the day there were numerous other events and conversations, many of which were significant in one way or another. The day ended with the National; the CBC’s nightly news coverage with TV journalists reporting on a variety of Palm Sunday worship services around the world.

As interesting and varied as the day was, one of the images that has stayed with me was television news coverage of the Palm Sunday celebrations in Haiti. There the cameras showed a very large crowd of people that gathered in front of their ruined church, which stands and lies in rubble now. People who have lost their homes, their livelihood, and even members of their own family came together in the street for this significant day. With many emerging from their makeshift tent homes, they gathered to sing, to pray, and to worship God. As is their custom, they wore their Sunday best clothes, gathered from I cannot imagine where.

It was another reminder of the remarkable resilience of this amazing nation. Despite the problems associated with extreme poverty and natural disaster, the people come together to celebrate their connection with God! I am in awe. One cannot help but admire their faith and courage.

I think again of our congregation in Montreal, populated mainly by Canadians whose roots were nourished in Haitian soil. I think of how they sing and dance in worship; how fervently they pray, and how generously they give. They are remarkable and wonderful people.

Whether in Canada or in Haiti, may this wonderful, resilient group of God’s children be blessed with continued hope and abundant grace. As we progress through Holy Week 2010, I suspect there is much the rest of us could learn from them.

Posted by Carman

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