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Thursday, March 4, 2010


This afternoon I've been working on my "reflections" for the World Day of Prayer service in Lowbanks this Friday coming. I was pleased when I looked at the program and they had called my part reflections.

I've been thinking about the theme and the scriptures for several days. Reflecting, one might say. But I hadn't really come to a point where I could say, there's a message or that's the Word! I certainly had not arrived at anything that could wear the handle of "sermon"!

What do you generally call the bit that is spoken by the speaker in your Sunday bulletin? Is it the Sermon? or the Word? or the Message? or something else? And what difference does it make anyway?

Most of the time I don't much care what is in the bulletin as far as the name of the bit that I'm going to say. But this week I was having a hard time arriving at a point that I could finally say "There, that's it; I'm done."

However, I'm very much enjoying thinking about, pondering over, exploring, reflecting upon the verse that's been selected as the theme for the 2010 World Day of Prayer service, Let everything that has breath praise God! And I am happy to be sharing my reflections with the Lowbanks Christian community tomorrow.

Posted by Marion

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