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The spot for the good news, the good word, the quick reports of the many, many wonderful news items I hear all the time and want to share with the rest of you. Expect to find the good news when you come to check out "what’s the good word?"

Monday, February 15, 2010


Do you ever wonder about the juxtaposition of words, events or ideas that sometimes seem to come together in surprising ways? Often it is the fact that they all ocurr at or near the same time that surprises us. Is this just coincidence or is something else going on? Here are a few recent and wierd examples that have happened around this Blog.

Last Wednesday, Marion posted a piece on What’s the Good Word entitled Infrastructure. At our staff meeting that day, we had a presentation on a new phone system for our offices, and discussions regarding how we handle our garbage, recycling, etc. In short, most of that meeting was about infrastructure! A little surprising, but no big deal.

On Thursday, I posted a piece entitled Deeper. It was a reflection on verse 3 of President Veazey’s Counsel to the Church, and how this portion calls us to go deeper in our discipleship. On the way home, I stopped by the post office and found the February Herald waiting there. On the Up Front page of this issue is President Becky Savage with an article entitled Called to Go Deeper. What is going on here?

Early Thursday morning, I was thinking about all this synchronicity, and wondered what surprises might be in store on that day. I went downstairs to the treadmill, and to make my workout time go faster, I turned on the TV which happened to be tuned to MuchMusic or some such station. A medley of songs played including one about bones, followed immediately by a song entitled Skeleton. Then in the afternoon, Marion prepared a blog post for Friday…you guessed it…entitled Skeleton! Okay, this is getting weird! Believe me, we had not talked about this.

So here are my questions about all of this. (I will tell you right up front, I don’t have any answers.) Is all of this just a series of coincidences or is there something else going on? Are we each picking up ideas that, for some unknown reason, are dominant right now in the energetic matrix? Do we each unknowingly respond or give expression to those in our own way and then discover other people are doing the same thing?

And here’s another thought. Do such parallel events just happen on some days but not others? If so, why? Or is it that they happen all the time but we are often so preoccupied with other things that we don’t notice?

So how about you? Are there any remarkably synchronistic events going on in your life at the moment? Is it coincidence or is something else going on?

Posted by Carman


  1. One of the statements that I have used in talking with my children is "I am proud of you". It is a statement from my heart to them.
    A week ago Sunday my ministry was centered on a Pastoral prayer in our congregation. That experience, for me, at that time, was exceptional.The Holy Spirit was abundantly present.
    This past Sunday one of my dear friends sat beside me and said she had something to share with me.
    She said that the previous Sunday during the Pastoral prayer one thought was strongly present in her mind and she wished to share it with me. She said "Mark is proud of you".
    My friend had no knowledge of me using this statement to my children and was impressed to share it with me.
    As most of you know, Mark passed away last September.

  2. Thank you Rod, for sharing this deeply personal comment.



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