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Monday, February 1, 2010


Has anyone else noticed there's getting to be more daylight hours? Oh it's not getting any warmer, of course. In fact Saturday was downright frigid in my part of the country. But it was lovely and bright. The sun arose before I did and lingered for quite a long time on the western horizon. The sun's arc through the sky is quite a bit longer each day as it comes in my eastern bedroom window and swings around to the kitchen side several hours later.

I really do love the changing seasons. I'm thinking as we enter February that the end is in sight. It's a short month, full of curling and the Olympics and folks returning from their forays into southern climes for a bit of a breather in the midst of our Canadian winter. You're welcome to those breathers, friends. I don't begrudge them a bit.

But I'll stay here and count the extra minutes of daylight each day. Light is coming back into our northern world; and light is greatly to be appreciated. Do we appreciate it more than those who have it all the time? Do our northern countrymen who have periods of total darkness appreciate it more still?

Who knows! As for me, I'm feeling quite grateful today for the extended daylight minutes, and for the well-functioning furnace, and my cozy alpaca socks.

Greetings to all you snow-birds reading our blog today. It will soon be safe to return.

Posted by Marion

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