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Friday, February 12, 2010


I’m listening to the news and I’m hearing the word skeleton. Is this a good word for today or not, I ask myself. But I’m hearing it again! Is this an omen? So I start to explore the ideas the news people are putting out there.

It seems Canadians are leaders in the sporting world of skeleton racing. It all started at the Calgary Olympics years ago—hurtling headlong and head first down an icy track on a tiny piece of equipment guaranteed to result in death or dismemberment if not managed exactly right. It seems the Germans have found a way to make the sled (if that’s the correct term) even faster and more lethal by adding a magnet to the thing. And the Canadians are protesting. After all, skeleton is one of those events Canadians are expecting to win gold!

Then I hear another skeleton story. Hot young politician turns out to have skeletons in his closet and must pull out of mayoralty race. Now everyone is trying to decide if he can still run the transit system when he’s confessed to cheating on his girlfriend, etc. etc. etc. Questions of integrity and transparency, of authenticity and playing by the rules arise. One of the commenters suggested he’s just human and all humans have skeletons and we should cut them some slack. And besides, it’s politics and it’s all just a game.

By this time I have myself in a real knot. Am I talking about games or about life? What are the important questions here? What are the universal principles that apply? And how willing am I to engage in this discussion?

Are there any enduring principles to be pulled out of these two skeleton stories? What matters most?

Posted by Marion

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