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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I debated for a bit about whether to post the word movies but decided on film instead. I am venturing into territory where I really don't have much expertise. I'm especially humble following our recent CPI experience with Don Compier. That man is a real film connoiseur. And, of course, our old friend Ken had seen and had an opinion on virutally every movie ever made! (To him I owe thanks for Bon Cop, Bad Cop and Kinky Boots!)

So today the Academy Awards nominations are announced. Popular movie culture is big business. And I really don't have an opinion on any of the nominated films.

I am interested in the conversations that surround film. The arguments between those who want "mindless entertainment" and those seeking "underlying messages" and "artful direction."

I can share with you the fact that the first film I ever pressed Rewind and watched the whole thing over again (it was a video, and I was home alone) was the movie Groundhog Day!

I realized I was watching for both reasons at the same time. I found that movie both entertaining and meaningful. I'm hearing the same sort of thing being said about Avatar and even Up. People are impressed by others, some very small movies, but they warn that I/we might not be entertained by such as Precious or Hurt Locker. What does that mean?

I'm opening the topic today, in honour of my beloved Groundhog Day and in recognition of the Academy Awards. Are there film buffs out there? Do you have opinions on film or movies? Do you distinguish between those two good words? I welcome your comments.

Posted by Marion


  1. Well, since you put your status out there as a non-expert, I guess it is safe for me to add a word. I confess up front that I don't see many movies, so my opinion is of limited value.

    My favorite film of all time was Edward Scissorhands. It made me a big fan of Johnny Depp, and since I was already in awe of the skills of director Tim Burton, this film did nothing to change my mind.

    The parallels with the life of Jesus, the good versus evil theme, and notions of awareness versus spiritual blindness were powerful.

    Of course that movie is now approaching 20 years old! (I really must get out more.)

  2. Do I take this to mean you're weiging in on the "both/and" side of the question? i.e. you like films to be both entertaining AND meaningful?

    (What about Don Juan De Marco? Chocolat?-- if we're going to talk about Johnny Depp we'd better take the chat off-line) :-)

  3. I guess I weigh in on both/and but lean more towards the meaningful side of the ledger.

    As it happens, I did see Chocolat, and liked it, but have not see Don Juan De Marco.

  4. Groundhog Day is a family favourite and has become a tradition for us to watch every Feb. 2nd.
    One of my favourites is Pay it Forward which has great meaning and life lessons.
    Then again I love Gone in 60 Seconds and yes even Face Off with lots of action. I am a big Nicholas Cage and John Travolta fan. One of my favourites is "Michael" with John Travolta. It also stars Andie MacDowell from Groundhog Day and has lots of laughs but also a great story.
    Planes, Trains & Automobiles is something our family has watched many times especially when we need a good laugh. John Candy & Steve Martin - need I say more? Also, Monty Python.


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