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Thursday, September 17, 2009


What shall we call the folks in our group/comngregation/community?

Most congregations have left behind the naming of each other formally as Brother This and Sister That. Some are truly family and Uncles and Aunties abound. Sunday school classes are taught by Gramma and attended by cousins. And Grampa is preaching today.

But how do we think of each other?

Friends? Closer than friends? Family? Somewhere between? Acquaintances, associates, colleagues, companions?

Mr. Rogers used to welcome everyone as neighbour. Many have grown up with the lessons taught by the neighbours on Sesame Street. People who live on my street and in my town are my neighbours. And Jesus asked "Who was neighbour unto him?"

Might the name we use when referring to, or even just thinking of, each other give some indication about the genuine closeness we have for each other? We've been exploring here the shades of meaning of the various communities, congregations or groups where we associate.

Will you be my neighbour?

1 comment:

  1. Hooray for St. Thomas!
    We at Toronto West are "cleaning our spectacles" and developing a new vision.


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