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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This morning the weather is changing. It had to happen. It always does. We have seasons; the weather changes.

Change is one of those things we both dread and embrace. Most of us admit to a twinge of fear when change is imminent. And yet, if everything stayed the same, we'd all be looking to inject some change into our lives, our homes, our habits, our selves. It's a paradox, isn't it?

I'm busy just now getting ready for the Retiree's Retreat happening next week at Camp Noronto. (Find the information here) This means I'm reading up for some in-depth conversations about the Sacraments. One thing I'm learning is that change is inherent in any serious thinking about sacraments. Danny Belrose, in his text "Vulnerable to Grace" reminds us:

Participation in the sacraments presupposes that there will be change in understanding, attitude, and behaviour by the worshipper.

In other words, it's why we DO sacrament--to make us different!

The kind of words we use for this type of change are more like transformation, redemption, renewal, growth but all those words mean change in some positive and hopeful way.

It seems to be human nature to be apprehensive about changes that happen to us. Let's try to imagine all the wonderful changes that come with growth and regeneration and sacrament.

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