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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It's time. Some of us are in back to school mode. Therefore it's time to give a thought to homework.

I've been reading something by David Brock that serves as a kind of homework assignment for disciples.

If I have any inkling of the theological task, it is that we, like each generation of the community of faith, are invited (or is it "required"?) to live in an ongoing dialogue with the tradition and preserve what is true, beautiful, and good within it. At the same time we must work out our witness in dialogue with the particularities of our own sociohistorical situation. That is our vocational duty and our privilege.
What this moment of time demands of us is...that we raise up a community of thinking Christians who are able to bear prophetic witness to the truth of God as it manifests itself in the life of the world.
In this postmodern age...only a thinking faith can survive. Indeed, it may be that only a thinking faith can help the world survive.

Brock admits to borrowing from theologians Douglas John Hall and Karl Barth. He sums up our assignment to be actively engaged.

"Ourselves in motion, we perceive now and then, here and there, the traces of a God on the move."

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  1. That is what I like about our faith, is our willingness to talk about things, openly, I hope. Sometimes we are afraid to do it, but the fact the church encourages it is something important to me.


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