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Monday, September 28, 2009


For those of us who are somewhat quiet and reserved, yesterday’s worship theme, “Speak Boldly,” raises a challenging dilemma. Yesterday was one of those unusual Sundays when I was not preaching anywhere, so got to listen to a lovely homily on this very subject. The speaker began by admitting that he is, by nature, somewhat timid and perhaps a little shy, and not given to speaking boldly. This quiet, self-contained man is just the kind of faithful worker that over the years I have grown to respect and admire. There are many such people. They know what being in relationship with God has done for them and can do for others, but they are not forward in speaking that truth to others. Such people are not being hypocritical or spiritually lazy. Its not that they don’t care; it is just that they are quiet, respectful people who are reluctant to push their views on anybody else. There is a lot to be said for that, and yet there are many people who are starving for the spiritual food such people have stored up in the pantries of their lives. For quiet people, this is a real quandary.

Yet our silence has a price; perhaps one that is being paid by others. Recently I met a man who came into contact with the Community of Christ, and found it an amazing blessing. He was profoundly grateful for what it brought to his life. Not long after finding this new spiritual home, he attended church and met a lady who worked in the same office as he. This was someone he had known for a years, and he was startled to learn that she was also a member. His surprise quickly turned to anger, and he said to her, “You mean you have known about this wonderful thing all this time and never told me?”

I wonder, are there people in my community who long for the food that is stored in my spiritual pantry? Are there in yours?

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