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Monday, June 17, 2013

Providence Principles

Editor's NoteWe are very pleased to welcome Kerry Richards as a regular contributor to What's the Good Word.  I believe you will enjoy his thoughtful posts and trust you will find value in his writing.  

We all recognize and experience how busy life is and that it has a way of filling in our moments whether by choice or default. Each day, our unstructured time outside of our work, school and required tasks, like the flow of water, tends to take the course of least resistance unless directed action is taken to guide its meandering nature. We all have choices to make each day, some small and some significant. As persons of faith there is an innate desire within us to live ethically, morally, compassionately, healthily, lovingly, competently, successfully and happily amongst family and friends. We aspire to be the best that we can be. 

The reality is days, months, perhaps years pass us by in our busyness and we so often come to the realization that our yearnings within to become who we envisioned are not being fulfilled. In occasional quiet moments apart from TV, radio, sports, internet and music, our soul surfaces and intersects with our heart and mind. There is a moment of truth unveiled. The personal and intimate inner dialogue of that moment can be intensely revealing or pushed away ……… I can’t deal with this now…….perhaps another day. 

I am a person who has encountered grace personally, where intersection with the Divine in successive moments altered the course of my life. Now I strive to live daily by what I call “Providence Principles” that I have placed visibly on my desk; to make my time each day intentional, trying to halt the meandering, envisioning a better way and being a more responsive person. Perhaps you can identify with my journey and see value in applying these principles in your life. God bless. 

Providence Principles
God guides us and goes before us……We align ourselves with God’s leadings through Providence Principles

                Providence                                            The Norm
  1.  If I don’t pray daily………                    I won’t become prayerful
  2.  Daily prayer is proactive ………          On-demand prayer is reactive
  3.  Covenant Life……..                              Neutral Life
  4.  Mission Focused…….                           Routine Indifference
  5.  Empowering Identity…….                    Directionless
  6.  Participant……..                                    Spectator
  7. Glass ½ Full …….                                 Glass ½ Empty
  8.  Sacred Community…….                       A Social Group
  9. Meaning …….                                       Emptiness
  10.  Expansion…….                                     Decline
  11.  Healthy Living Choices…                    Health Complications
  12. Generosity                                             Unawareness 
Posted by Kerry Richards

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