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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Awe Inspiring

I personally have reconnected with Community of Christ after 15 yrs of looking from the outside in so to speak. I was fully familiar with the church identity, theology, beliefs, programs, education directions and leadership in that past era. Upon re-engaging with the Community of Christ last year and absorbing myself in our church of today, I was and am continually awed by the journey and transitions, some of which parallel the forward thinking of other denominations and some which are completely unique and portray a distinctive character of identity, vision, community and mission. When I paused my participation in our church for a time, our beliefs were predominantly theologically “works based.”  I returned to a church that is “grace filled”.

The development of church changing, life changing themes not even present 15 yrs ago, such as the church name, sacred community, generosity, disciple formation, enduring principles, capacity, unity in diversity, faithful disagreement, mission initiatives, a relatable mission statement, dwelling in the word, shalom and transparency, reflect a listening leadership with a vast capacity for envisioning. We are a church that is “becoming;” that is answering the call to be a prophetic people.  The journey ahead is informed by our heritage but we are freed to dwell upon and prayerfully interpret prophetic counsel as a sacred community, to envision together and participate in Christ’s mission.

We each have at the click of a mouse access to the incredible wealth of resources available on the church website which is a vast search engine of anything and everything to inform you about our church and faith. As with Google, in the upper right of every page on our website are the words, “SEARCH THIS SITE” where you can enter any subject and numerous pages will emerge. One I would invite you begin with, is our inspirational church information booklet, “We Share.” This resource outlines our identity, mission, beliefs, message and vision to the world. I have linked it for you below. Please, please, (did I say please enough?) I request of you, read this through and “dwell” or as the Book of Mormon would say, “ponder” upon the words that describe who you are, what your identity is, as a member or friend of Community of Christ.

If you have not been in a church school class since your youth, if you have not attended a reunion recently, if you have not read the Herald even though it comes to your door each month, then you do not know the church you are attending and it is undoubtedly confusing for you. There is power in the words and principles of this “We Share” booklet to change your life. Is the subject of the church the “elephant in the room” with your family?  Are there family or friends who do not attend simply because you do not know what our enduring principles are and any discussion about church would intimidate you?

I found my that my kids, my grandchildren, my spouse, my friends are most worthy for me/you to know and share what I have found to be an “awe-inspiring” renewed church. Our openness, our transparency, our mission realignment with what matters most to compassionate people in today’s world are themes that are relevant to today’s questioning generations. I am asking you to respond to the call, to be part of the answer, by reading and pondering upon “who you are” in Community of Christ!

Kerry Richards

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